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AVI Media Player 1.0

It lets you enjoy your AVI and some other movies, and even music
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If you are looking for a very simple, but effective player to match all your AVI movies or clips, this nice little program will probably satisfy you.
AVI Media Player lets you enjoy all your AVI movies. This program is pretty simple and it does what it says: play AVI files. But, of course, it does play some other formats too. At least several of my own video were played flawlessly.

The interface looks simple, but yet, it was not very intuitive the first time I tried it.
You are shown a big black screen with no controls, menus, buttons, or anything.

After a while, when I started trying the stuff, I realized that just moving the mouse pointer over certain areas, one of the two menus appeared: Playlist and Reproduction Controls. You could also check a box to keep both menus ON at all times. It was a nice effect, but I really got a bit confused and finally found how to show one or both menus only when I wanted.

Another drawback is that the menus are displayed on top of the movie you are watching, blocking parts of the image. The feature I hated most was the BIG volume bar right on the screen.

Otherwise, the files are displayed in a really nice way. I liked the quality of reproduction of different files and formats. They were all great. I managed to play most of my video files with it. AVI, MPG, even WMV. And, to my surprise, while experimenting with it, I found out that you can even play music in it. MP3, WMA, and more.

AVI Media Player is a nice media player that you will probably enjoy.

Fernando Soni
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  • Automatically plays AVI


  • Plays some other formats
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